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Should You Have A Different Strategy For Mobile Marketing?

Today it is an established fact that mobile marketing is a necessity for getting your digital marketing running smoothly. The mobile audience is larger and more powerful than ever. As of late 2015, almost 70% of all adults in the country own a smartphone, and 45% own a tablet. Younger demographics are even more likely to own a smartphone – over 80% of all people between the ages of 18-29 and 30-49 own a smartphone. Any online marketing company must make it a mandatory strategy to put mobile marketing among its top priorities.

If you want to get more out of mobile marketing, you’ll benefit from developing a mobile marketing strategy that covers all of the bases. These days, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering the power and potential of mobile marketing and they are using this marketing format in order to grab vital market share in their niches. When you want to add a call-to-action to your mobile marketing campaign, with a mind to accessing lightning-fast engagement (and, hopefully, lots of conversions), using text messaging in order to deliver your brand message will be a wise course of action. Fast results are what every entrepreneur wants from mobile marketing strategies. The truth is that people really enjoy getting texts and most of them read their texts within a minute and a half of getting them.

While texting offers the fastest response times and the best response times, it’s safe to say that email still gets results. This is why sending out promotional emails that are mobile-friendly will add tons of value to mobile marketing campaigns.

Effective and responsive email design is all about creating messages with shorter line lengths, pre-header text (be sure to Google this if you aren’t sure what it is), concise copy, few or no images and calls-to-action, which appear early on in emails. There is an art and a science to all of it and mastering the art and science of mobile-friendly email is definitely beneficial. One tip is to explore the concept of email segmentation for mobile device owners. This means breaking down email message content into different categories. For example, a VIP client will receive one message while a sales prospect will receive another. By customizing messages with a mind to superior personalization, while also ensuring that they are mobile-friendly, you’ll use mobile email design to its best possible effect.

In today’s day and age any digital marketing company in India will make it a point to boost their mobile marketing strategy.


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