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Latest trend of Facebook Marketing

Facebook wants to become the television in your pocket. To that end, the company continues to improve video features at a rapid rate, as well as offering an innovative array of products for media publishers, plus, improved communication tools for businesses to chat real time with customers. It’s all about movement in the News Feed that catches our eye. Starting with automatically playing videos back in December 2013, Facebook’s massive growth of video views has now surpassed that of YouTube. But, it’s more than users and businesses uploading native videos.

Facebook 360 videos – it’s all about creating an immersive experience for users as Facebook keeps giving more emphasis to 360 videos. To inspire more 360 video content creation, Facebook launched a micro site dedicated to providing filmmakers best practices. Instant Articles – Facebook has partnered with hundreds of media organizations throughout the world to offer this powerful feature. Facebook hosts content for media partners that publish using Instant Articles, and the content loads ten times faster. Instant Articles isn’t a video feature, per se; but it does create a more immersive experience for the user with embedded moving images, videos, audio, maps and more in the articles.

New and continuously evolving ad formats and targeting options give you more options but at the same time make it more challenging to find the best performing combinations. Facebook is forever evolving. When I first signed up as a student ten years ago, there was no Newsfeed, everything was publically visible on your friends’ walls, and there were only 12 million accounts. Fast forward 10 years and things have changed. Facebook now has 1.79 billion monthly users. It is constantly updating, testing, and rolling out new features.

In addition to this, Facebook Marketing has become an integral part of any digital marketing strategy and it has revolutionized the way we look at the online marketing industry. Over the last 12 years, Facebook has seen a 360-degree shift, transforming from a simple social networking site to the face of a multi-billion dollar company allowing brands to find new customers, increase their sales, and create brand awareness and much more. Other than this, a social media marketing company will always lay their emphasis on the proper functioning of latest Facebook trends.

Any social media marketing company in India will put their efforts into the functioning of the digital marketing.   Facebook has recently started testing updated Call To Action buttons for local business Pages. The idea is to make the customer experience better by allowing various actions – such as ordering food from a local takeaway – directly from the Facebook Page. Facebook believes this will increase the completion rate as often local businesses deliver a sub-par experience on mobile as they don’t have the budget and resources to create their own apps.


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