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5 Things A Social Marketer Should Know

  1. Keep basic marketing laws in mind

It’s important to have realistic expectations for what social media can do for an organization. Remember, it’s a website, not a mind control device. Social media marketing has many of the same challenges that traditional marketing forms encounter. When a business sends out 5,000 mailers, they don’t expect 5,000 people to call them the next day. A realistic response rate would be around 2%. The same is true for television, radio, or newspaper advertising. Marketers shouldn’t expect social media to magically outperform other marketing channels. Similarly, if a marketing campaign isn’t working for a particular product on traditional channels, there’s no reason to think that using the same campaign on social media would produce different results.


  1. Quality Content

Though it has been said over and over you must always emphasize on quality content. Content is the king when it comes to increasing page rankings. The audience will get a first impression of your work through the quality of your content. It is essential that you don’t neglect the corner of content as it remains a very prominent factor for drawing more and more people towards your brand. The search results will continue to increase as the numbers of visitors also grow. You must keep in mind that there are other websites too who are using the exact same keywords but your entire content is what will make you stand out of the crowd.


  1. Optimization is must

You will have to keep in mind that the maximum number of people who approach your website would do that on mobile or tablets. It is mandatory that the websites appear feasibly and smoothly on all the devices. You have to understand that the digital world is vast and there are numerous other brand websites which will be willing to provide them the same service. Now, if your website is slow then the customer will definitely have a bad impression of your brand in the first place. In the fast paced digital world you must work on making your website optimized for all the devices.


  1. Set goals and measure progress

As with other forms of marketing, business owners need to set goals and establish metrics for measuring their progress. An incoherent marketing campaign is no more effect on social media than it would be on any other marketing channel. Establishing goals makes it easier to maintain proper focus when preparing content for social media marketing. Keep in mind to set goals that are attainable and that social media can realistically help. As mentioned earlier the digital platform witnesses change every now and then and you must keep a regular track of the goals set and how much progress has been made.


  1. Engage with your audience

It is essential that you keep a healthy connection with your audience and engage with them on a regular basis. When you keep interacting the fan base and audience base continues to grow. Your audience is the key element that will keep your brand alive. Keep it a point to interact with as many people as you can. It yours is a startup company then interacting with the audience is no choice on your part. Make it a point to engage on a regular basis and create a firm base for you.


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