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5 Ways B2B marketers should use social media

  1. Support expert positioning with visuals

Facebook is largely a visual social network. In fact, posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement than those without. If you want the admins of other businesses on Facebook to stop scrolling and engage with your Facebook posts, use high-quality imagery combined with a bold font and one key message to support your expert status. With so much content over the newsfeed yours need to stand outside the crowd if it wants to grab the attention of more and more people on social media platform.

  1. Back your social media with your content marketing


There is no such thing as a successful social media campaign without a successful content marketing campaign. They’re like two links in an indestructible chain. If you take a look at a social media marketing company in Kolkata then you will realize how they generate efforts into making quality content and generating traffic. People will not be able to discover your website as long as it is not displayed on their social media pages constantly.


  1. Use LinkedIn


B2B marketers love LinkedIn. Nine out of every ten B2B companies are using it. Social media marketing is largely based on the efficient working of platforms like this where they cut to the chase and there is absolutely no trash talk. There’s a reason for this: LinkedIn is effective at securing leads. The social goal of most B2Bs isn’t just traffic. It’s the right kind of traffic. More specifically, it’s leads from that traffic. That’s why LinkedIn has been the social media sweet spot of most B2Bs.


  1. Generate Warm Prospect Audiences With Facebook Ads

The customer data Facebook has on its over 1 billion active daily users provides marketers with an unrivaled opportunity to use ads to speak directly to those interested in a product or service. Any B2B serious about social media marketing will use this tactic not only to drive sales, but also to collect leads and build an audience of warm prospects. To create your own warm audiences with Facebook ads, install the Facebook tracking pixel on your website. The pixel will automatically add anyone you send to your website from Facebook to a custom audience you can then retarget with Facebook ads.

  1. Build a good reputation

Social media allows marketers to build a strong reputation by earning the trust of their peers and industry, 100% organically. Like many marketing tools, social media makes this possible, but not necessarily easy. With social media, you can build relationships and connections without the need to get past gatekeepers such as editors and traditional media. The new gatekeepers are your peers, where trust is formed by the idea of social proofing. Social proofing, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous situations when people do not have enough information to make opinions independently.




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