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Free SEO Tools to use

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key tool for the website owners to get more traffic to the website. Optimization of a website is crucial to get traffic and maintain the level over the search engine. The main aim of the search engine optimization is to get more traffic from diverse sources and to get repetitive visitors. SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites as well as other interactive sites. With regular update of content on website, SEO helps to get more traffic.

It’s amazing the difference a good tool can make – and the extra time it takes to get work done without a helpful tool. In this article you will get to know about all the important tools that are required for you to handle SEO successfully. Google PageSpeed Insights will check the speed and usability of your site on multiple devices

Enter a URL, and this tool will test the loading time and performance for desktop and for mobile, plus identify opportunities to improve (and pat you on the back for what you’re doing well). The mobile results also come with a user experience score, grading areas like tap targets and font sizes. If you go and enquire in an SEO company in Kolkata you will realize that all of them have a strategy of using SEO tools so as that their service reaches a larger audience and affects a larger audience.

Another tool you must be aware of is which has 700+ keyword ideas based on a single keyword. Enter a keyword, and the Keyword Tool provides a huge handful of long-tail keyword opportunities, organized alphabetically. Content marketing is the spinal cord of digital marketing; in order to make a solidified base in the field of digital marketing you must emphasize on the utilization of proper keywords in the appropriate volume and quantity.

You mustn’t forget the webmaster tools for your business at all. Almost all the SEO services in Kolkata make it a point to utilize Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools for Constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports. These webmaster tools help give you a taste of what the two top search engines think of your site. It’s helpful to see any bugs, alerts, and indexing issues. Pro tip: Each of these two tools requires a bit of installation on your site. If you’ve got a WordPress website, you can add the webmaster code automatically through a plug-in like Jetpack or Yoast.

Let’s not forget Schema Creator which will Uber-customize the way your search results appear. Create custom code so that your reviews, events, organizations, and people are displayed the way you want on search pages. Once you’ve created your schema code, copy and paste to your website, or try the free WordPress plug-in for an even easier implementation.  We discussed about the importance of keywords earlier and because of that keyword planner is the perfect tool for your keyword research and analysis.

Since the Keyword Tool has been replaced, Keyword Planner is the premier way of researching keywords. You can find Keyword Planner by logging in to AdWords → Tools → Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner provides much of the functionality of the erstwhile Keyword Tool. The focus, however, is on AdWords generation rather than simple organic keyword research.

Let’s not forget about MozBar. Knowledge is the name of the game with the MozBar. When you think about it, SEO has a lot to do with knowing the right stuff. The MozBar helps you discover the right stuff at a glance. The MozBar button sits right up in your browser toolbar — the place where all the action is going on. Click on the MozBar, and you generate an instant report on the website you’re visiting. You can position the MozBar at the top, side, or bottom of your browsing window at all times. The toolbar has three main categories of data — Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data. Page Elements displays the nuts-and-bolts of onpage SEO. There’s a lot of information accessible at a glance. You can see the various tag — title, description, H1s, etc.

Then there’s another tool called Woorank. At first glance, Woorank appears to be just another freemium website analyzer. Upon closer, inspection, however, it gives handy insights into some not-so-obvious stuff. Woorank first displays a “Top priorities section. Unfortunately, here’s one of the downsides of the tool. Somehow, it thinks that I have a 404 error, lack a favicon, and don’t have a robots.txt file. All of these are inaccurate.

Google Trends is a go-to keyword tool. You can see how search queries change over time when people search for your keyword and compare different words or phrases to see which is best. Let’s say you run a hardware store and you want to ramp up sales of shovels this winter. When people search for a shovel online, do they search for winter shovel or snow shovel? Compare the two using Google Trends.

Another essential tool that you must be aware of is Screaming frog. This acts as a saviour tool for all the SEO companies. What SEO problems does your website face? Aren’t sure? Turn to Screaming Frog. Free for the first 500 URLs, this tool crawls your site looking for SEO roadblocks and provides a report of problem areas. The tool looks for broken links, missing metadata, oversized files and pictures, duplicate pages and internal links, just to name a few. Think of it as an SEO audit. Use the results to improve your site and SEO.

In conclusion, these are a few of the most important and mandatory tools that one will need for their SEO business. You need to understand that in order to stay ahead and more updated in the circle of this profession you must focus on utilizing these aforesaid mentioned tools with their full capabilities and features.


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