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Top 5 Great Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Centre it around the story not the sale


There is a heap of sales clutter on the Internet that is actively annoying and repelling your customers. Don’t let your brand be that guy – instead, your video should be centred around the story and not the sale. Remember: the same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing – concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers. Make the most of the emotive power of video by appealing to your consumers’ needs and hidden desires. Scared you’ll lose leads this way? You can always place a strategic and relevant call to action alongside a tracked URL at the end of your video (just make sure it fits into your overall story). A social media marketing company will explain you this in details.


  1. Focus on the content

With the advent of content marketing, brands suddenly had to become publishing houses. Will video marketing turn every brand into a Hollywood studio? Probably not. You don’t need a whole film crew to make most of the videos on this list. Keep your content relevant, customer-focused, and entertaining, and you won’t need Michael Bay-size budgets to excel. A social media marketing company in India, while working on boosting your channel will surely emphasise on the content level that it withholds and how many people appreciate the content.


  1. Measure more than view counts


Sure YouTube fame and ‘viral videos’ are something to be proud of. But seasoned video marketers are measuring more than just view counts. They’re looking at metrics that show how engaged their audience is – through attention span data – and what pipeline contributions their videos are offering. And those marketers that track these advanced metrics see more than 2x the ROI.


  1. Try making customer generated content


An even better way to connect with customers is to put them behind the camera. User-generated content is more likely to generate a response than company-generated content. Instead of spending hours coming up with a script and producing a powerful video, invite your customers to create one of their own. Offer a prize for the best video showcasing customer use of your product and you’ll likely get an overwhelming response. The best thing about customer-generated content is that it will show other people’s passion for your product. When potential customers see that, they’ll want to know what all the excitement is about and possibly give your product a try.


  1. Go beyond YouTube

Most people post their videos on YouTube.  In addition to this, make sure to always embed your video on your own website.  This will increase the amount of time people spend on your website and help grow a captive audience. Also, Google’s algorithms consider how many times a video is viewed, and embedded video views you receive get added to the ‘views’ tally on YouTube.  This is important for showing up in Google search results!





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