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Change of Facebook business in last year

Google, Apple, and Amazon tend to attract the most attention in terms of technological innovations. Apple’s strides in personal assistant technology, Google’s self-updating search algorithm, and Amazon’s drone delivery plans all made major headlines this year, but there’s another tech company—one almost everyone uses—that’s pushing the limits of technology and redefining consumer expectations just as much: Facebook. A decade ago, you wouldn’t have expected a social media site to be a leader in digital innovation, but Facebook remains one of the most dynamic tech companies around today—and its strides are affecting businesses and marketers everywhere.

It’s no secret that Facebook acquired Oculus, the leading competitor in the recent resurgence of virtual reality (VR) technology, earlier this year. Oculus Rift is one of the hottest anticipated gadgets of 2016, and with Facebook backing the device (and company), you can bet the social platform will do everything it can to push VR on consumers. That means including more VR-enabled content and interactions on the Facebook platform, such as 360 panoramas, and rewarding users and businesses who contribute such content for the masses. Will VR technology stick around for good this time? If Oculus delivers, it probably will, and Facebook is counting on it.

It was like yesterday when Facebook introduced Live Videos. Now, everyone’s talking about including videos in their marketing strategies. And people are already getting bored with Live Videos. It’s always the early adopters that benefit most from a new feature or hack. That’s exactly why we’re doing this monthly roundup of the latest Facebook news – to bring you the latest news before anyone else knows about them. Since Facebook is becoming so locally induced a social media marketing company in Kolkata constantly works on promoting business on this social platform.

Message Reactions let people react to individual messages with specific emotions – love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no. This lets people to quickly show acknowledgment or express how they feel about a particular message. You’ll be able to see how people have reacted to a message in the lower corner of the message. If you don’t currently have the Messenger open, you’ll receive a notification that lets you know who (and how) reacted to your messages.

The day many marketers and publishers have dreaded has arrived: Facebook is changing its algorithm to send less traffic to content sites. The cost of promoting content on Facebook has steadily risen as more people spend money to promote ads on the social network. As publishers reach that seventh stage of grief, they’re going to buy more Facebook ads to promote posts. That increase in demand will likely raise supply-side costs. So expect the cost per engagement of your Facebook ads to go up. Look for a social media marketing company in India that will tell you all about the new strategies developed after changes in Facebook.


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