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5 Things A Digital Marketer Should Avoid

 Avoid Using Unique Title Tags and Descriptions

This is the most common SEO mistakes made by site owners and SEO marketers. Google and other search engines prefer those websites that have unique titles for each web page. But still, most of the people avoid creating unique title tags and descriptions. They assign all pages under the same title, add the site name in the page title, and exceed the character’s limit of the title – all these things encourage search engine crawlers to stop indexing your site on the top of SERPs. Also, ensure that your description is unique and should be between 150-160 characters. Creating informative and engaging description can improve your CTR (Click through Rate) and if your content fulfills the expectations of your visitors, it will help you get higher conversions.

Falling for Unrealistic SEO Promises

It is very important to select an SEO partner that favors using safe methods over getting fast results. Disreputable companies may promise to get you on the front page of Google search results quickly and inexpensively, but their techniques involve tricking search engines to gain better positions in search results with certain keywords. Search engines (and Google in particular) have taken very serious steps to detect, penalize and even ban websites that try to cheat the system. Engaging in shady SEO techniques could get your website penalized, or worse banned from search engines.

Non-Keyword-Focused Content

Another big SEO mistake is to write an article or piece of content that isn’t particular focused on one keyword or topic. When you go off on tangents or try to cover too many diverse topics within one post, your chances for relevancy diminish. Google’s aim is to serve up the most relevant results on its SERPs in the quickest manner possible. And the only way to create relevant content is to ensure that it’s highly targeted towards one particular topic or keyword.

Excessive Grammar or Spelling Errors

Another SEO mistake that can easily be avoided is the excessive grammar mistakes and spelling errors that tends to plague a large percentage of content on the Web. This makes the content hard to read and often puts off people by forcing them to navigate away from the page. Keep in mind that anything that diminishes the user’s experience will rank lower on Google’s SERPs. If a person has to deal with loads of misspellings and grammar problems, it most certainly is going to diminish their user experience. Take the time to double and triple-check your work.

Failing To Focus On Conversion

While it seems like it should be obvious, many business owners focus on traffic, while forgetting about optimizing conversion rates. Traffic and conversion are both important, but they completely rely on each other; without one, having much of the other won’t matter at all. Even the best content will be ineffective if it doesn’t motivate customers to buy. It’s important to introduce customers to your brand, but it’s also important that you encourage those customers to take action that will benefit your business. If you see any digital marketing agency in Kolkata or even any digital marketing agency in India will constantly focus on conversion as an important element.


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