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How Social media changes in past 5 years?

Five years ago, social media was just beginning its meteoric rise. As a business owner, you were probably on social media personally, but perhaps there was little ROI you could see in creating a presence for your business. As a user, social media was a way for you to connect with old classmates, friends, and family.

Fast forward, and now your business’ social media page is the epicenter of engagement with your customers, prospects, and partners. For the everyday user, it is has become your information hub and communication vehicle. According to Netpop Research, since 2006, social media usage has grown 93 percent. And Facebook™ alone has over 800 million active users. That is just the tip of the iceberg with social media growth stats. Below are the top four ways social media has changed. Try asking a social media marketing company in India and they will tell you the rapid changes occurred.

Customization Evolved to Personalization: In the early ages of social media, users were hell bent on designing their own pages. Adding colorful elements, glitz, and imagery was all the rage – think about those MySpace pages that were on Flash steroids and froze your computer. Now, customization has evolved to focus on personalized content. Social media allows you to not only “create” a page, but to optimize it with feeds so you can view what you want, when you want it.

Social media has gotten down to the nitty gritty of what users want – control. Implementing choices has been a phenomenal boon for social networks. The ability to make lists and choose who and what you want to follow is essential to the user experience on social media. In addition, ad targeting based on your choices is what makes social media so amazing. Earlier you couldn’t believe the presence of marketing for social media now we have so many social media marketing in Kolkata.

Many in the youngest generation know this simply as a hashtag. Hashtags were introduced to social media by Twitter in 2007. It took a couple of years before they began to hyperlink all hashtagged words (TechCrunch), and the rest is history. One of the most recent changes to the hashtag includes the ability to use it in conjunction with an emoji icon. As senior manager on Twitter’s brand strategy team explains, “It’s pretty clear that people love emojis. From that insight, we felt that this is a clear opportunity”.

social media has so deeply permeated our lives, jobs, and even consciousness that it seems like it’s been around forever—but the reality is that it’s still a fairly new phenomenon. With ever changing digital technologies, social media has been able to change dramatically since its inception, and even more so in just the past five years. Along with the changes comes adjustment from marketers. It can be a frustrating journey sometimes to try to keep up with the evolution of social media. Despite the challenges, keeping up with the changes is necessary to make the most of the social tools.


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