digital marketing

Best Part Of Digital Marketing

Google has orchestrated a large shift in the way in which most marketers use their content. They have placed a big emphasis on great, original and valuable content rewarding participants with large amounts of traffic and higher search rankings. Google want their users to find useful content, which is their main aim. This has seen a huge increase in the importance of having some form of blog, article list or news feed within most websites with the newly created content becoming a carrot for luring new people in. Once you have lured a visitor with your great, wise and informative content you then want a method for converting these visitors into buyers which is generally an advert for a great offer or a data capture form for some more valuable content that they cannot resist.

Make it unique, make it useful and share it! Many businesses are assuming the position of teacher and sharing content which aims to educate the reader. This both creates valuable content and elevates the creator to a position of high expertise.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a network of people ready to advertise and sell your products for you? Oh wait …….there is? There are loads of platforms like Affiliate Window who have small blogs through to huge discount portals all ready to advertise your products and services in return for a commission on a sale. The upside is that you can grow fast off the back of the network you choose without a huge risk in terms of advertising spends but the downsides are that you are reliant on others sending you traffic and your returns are cut down due to the outlay in commissions.

Pay-per-click is a great way to get visible fast. Just as it says on the tin you are paying for a click, the click in this instance is in essence a visitor to your website or landing page. Generally this is much preferred to paying per display of your ad as it is closer to an actual conversion but often still very far off. The biggest player in this field is Google AdWords, with their adverts clocking up millions of clicks every day. These can be found either at the top, across the right hand side or along the bottom of the search results.

Google AdWords work on a bidding basis with the more in demand search phrases costing sometimes a considerable amount of money. Another key factor is content relevance to search term, Google want their users to get to the right content, and if you send them to highly relevant content you will be rewarded with cheaper click costs. In addition to this it is the USP of running a digital marketing agency in Kolkata or even a digital marketing agency in India.


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