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5 Free Tools To Optimize Your Video

  1. YouTube Search Filters: Understand what Already Working is

Whenever you are creating anything, searching to see what others have done before you should become part of your routine. I search YouTube several times in the video creation process. For example, when I am brainstorming topics, when I want to see how creators design their video thumbnails, when I want to see how competitors name their videos, etc. There are lots of YouTube search filters to play with. I usually check “Sort by upload date” to see most recent videos. Sorting by rating is another very useful option because it gives me more insight into what people seem to react to more positively.

  1. YouTube Search Auto-Suggest: Long Tail Key Phrases

Using more specific key phrases is a good way to get ranked for less competitive phrases and thus drive natural highly-targeted traffic to your video. That’s where looking at YouTube Auto-complete (Auto-Suggest) results can help a lot. Start typing your search term in the search field at YouTube and you’ll see most popular search terms people typed for that word. It’s an awesome resource of keyword information because it shows you what people tend to search for. This is the mandatory tool for any social media marketing company in Kolkata or even for a social media marketing company in India.

  1. SerpStats: Discover Questions You Can Answer

SerpStats is a keyword tool that is also based on Google Suggest but it works a bit differently. Letting it research a phrase is not as effective as giving it one base word and let it generate more loose suggestions. My favorite tab to go through the multiple key phrases is “Only questions”. The tool uses a separate algorithm that lets it find and filter out interrogative questions people tend to type into the search box. This is a very useful insight into how people tend to phrase the question that may be answered in your video. That’s also a great inspiration source for your future videos.

  1. Google Plus /Explore: Research Related Concepts and Trends

/Explore is one of my favorite Google Plus features, along with Google Hangouts on Air. It’s the most up-to-date source of keyword inspiration giving you a better understanding of:

  • Your base term related concepts: This allows you to expand your keyword research and make your video information richer
  • Slang and user-generated hashtags that usually neighbor your base term.
  • Relevant hot trends: Time-sensitive phrases that tend to currently come in close proximity with your base term

The third point is priceless! If there’s a way to target time-sensitive terms in your video title and/or description, you’ll have much more chances to be searched for and found.

  1. Cyfe: Create a Content Monitoring & Archiving Dashboard

Cyfe is my ultimate productivity and content marketing dashboard. I am using it to monitor and archive multiple search results from multiple sources on one page. My YouTube keyword research dashboard contains:

  • Twitter search results referencing YouTube videos with my key term included
  • Google Plus search results referencing YouTube videos with my key term included
  • Different variations of the above using most relevant hashtags

I check the Cyfe dashboard every time I am thinking of future videos to create, as well as before publishing a video on YouTube to get some related context inspiration.



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