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5 Social Media Tips to protect your business from Burglars

  1. Avoid employment disclosure.

Advise employees to not post any information about their job on social media. Though you can’t stop people from posting their employer on their Facebook page, some employees will happily follow this instruction to keep their business information separate from social media. Explain how it could be used maliciously. Employees should be educated about how associating the company with their personal account on a slightly questionable social network could backfire and hurt the company — and cause a ripple effect and hurt the employee.

  1. Amend Your Privacy Settings

Most social media settings are naturally automated to be open, so even if someone has not connected with you as a friend or follower, they can still visit your profile and see your latest updates. Go to your privacy settings, and lock your profile for only friends and family to see. Furthermore, only connect with people you know, just friends and family, otherwise you are at risk of opening your life out to potential criminals. This is the thumb rule for protecting a social media marketing company in India.

  1. Exert Caution When Clicking On Links

As both Facebook and Twitter are hubs for link sharing to different articles, videos and posts, it can be difficult to differentiate between something that is harmless and something that contains malicious software. Hackers are waiting in the shadows on social media, disguising themselves as links to something newsworthy, or a great offer if you just click through. Once they have access to your personal information and private messages, they know where you live and your short-term plans. If you do not recognize the URL, or it does not come from a reputable source, avoid clicking the link at all.

  1. Change Your Location Settings

Most smartphone have a GPS setting that can embed a location into each image that is taken, which is the ideal tracker for a burglar. The geotags set within the photos allow criminals to track your movements, to not only find out where your home is exactly but find out when you are away. To change this, go to your location settings for each app on your phone and turn those off so photos are not automatically tagged.

  1. Do Not Enable Auto-Login

If your social media passwords are set to auto-login, in the event that a hacker finds a way into your system, they have full access of all your accounts, your private messages, pictures and personal information. Check your computer’s browser to make sure it is not automatically logging you in and turn off auto-login on your mobile settings. Social media has made it so easy for burglars to find out where you live, when you aren’t home and how to navigate around your property, they don’t even have to lift a finger! However, do not let this scare you from actively using your social account. Just think before you post and apply a few of these tips so you can continue using social media without any worries.


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