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How To Overcome Google’s Penalty For SEO Work?

For most online businesses, search engine traffic is very important, but achieving high rankings in Google is not as easy as it used to be. Therefore, many SEOs and marketers are pushing the link-building process to the limit. As a result, many websites are being penalized for violating Google’s guidelines.If you suddenly see a traffic drop, you’ll have to find out what caused it. There are two main penalties you can get. The first one is a manual action from Google’s spam team, and the second one is an algorithmic penalty. The methodologies of penalty are taken very seriously by any search engine optimization agency in Kolkata and even by all Search Engine Optimization Services in Kolkata.

  1. Manual Action – To find out if your website was penalized by a manual action, go to Google Webmaster Tools and check to see if you have any new notifications.If you have no warning messages on GWT, dig deeper to find the cause of your traffic drop.
  2. Algorithmic Penalty – To identify what type of algorithmic penalty your website has, you will have to correlate the time period when you lost traffic with the date when a new algorithmic update occurred. For this, you can check Google Algorithm Change History.

Start by creating yourself a Google Docs Spread sheet where you can track all of your work to see exactly where you are at with the link removal process. This will be extremely useful when you come to submitting a reconsideration request with Google, as they’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve done to sort out the issues with your site.We would usually start by creating tabs at the bottom of spread sheet for each of our data sources. For example, Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO & Open Site Explorer. You don’t have to separate your data into different sheets, but I personally think it shows more work being carried out and allows more in-depth analysis.

Whether we are talking about a manual or algorithmic penalty, you will have to analyse your website’s backlinks and identify the ones that caused your rankings to drop. Once you identify the links, try to remove them, and disavow the ones that you cannot delete.To start, go to Google Webmaster Tools and download all of the backlinks recognized by Google. In the left menu, click on “Search Traffic” and select “Links to Your Site”.

From the module “Who links the most,” click on “More” to see all of the backlinks. To export all of your backlinks, click on “Download latest links”. Now, you can import all of the backlinks from Google Webmaster to your favourite SEO tool, and get more insights and SEO metrics for your links. You can use any tool you like and are familiar with. However, try to avoid using tools that promise to automatically identify low-quality backlinks, because you might end up disavowing some of your best backlinks.


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