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What are the top features of Instagram?

The best Instagrammers know the app like the back of their hands and can use every feature to its fullest to pull off a post that will garner tons of likes. If you’ve spent any good amount of time with Instagram, you probably already know most of these features. But we know that not everyone has time to dig around and experiment with the app.

Manage your filters. #nofilter is always the way to go. Okay, if you still love the filters (there are now 40 of them!), you don’t need them all clogging up your filter strip, forcing you to scroll through all of them. You can actually pick which filters you want to appear and sort them in the order you want them to appear. To do so, swipe to the end of the filters, tap the “Manage” gear icon, and then select the filters you want. To arrange them in a specific, order, tap the left side (the three lines that look like hamburger menu) and slide them up and down the list.

Did you know that Instagram has a built-in messaging system called Instagram Direct? Well, it does — it’s the box icon in the top right corner. InstagramDirect’s main purpose is to let you send private photos (with accompanying text) to friends or groups, but you can also use it to send photos you see in your Instagram feed to your friends. To send a photo from your feed to your friend, tap the right arrow icon below a ‘gram and it’ll bring up a “SEND TO” list, and from there just select the person you want to send it to. These features make Instagram  a very important social media marketing company in India and a very crucial social media marketing company in Kolkata too.

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networks for sharing Instagrams, but there are a handful more that can be linked. Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Weibo, Ameba are also supported. To link these accounts and make them options for sharing, tap the gear icon from your profile, and under “SETTINGS” tap “Linked Accounts” and then tap the accounts you want to add. You’ll be asked to input account details and passwords, of course, for each one. The next time you go to post a ‘gram, you’ll see these newly added accounts as shareable options.

Instagram is more than just the Instagram app. The company actually has three standalone apps that are pretty useful in aiding your Instagramming. Hyperlapse is an excellent and simple app for creating time-lapse videos. Layout is perfect for creating collaged images. And Boomerang is great for creating simple looping short videos. When you’re done making awesome posts in these apps, you can easily import them to Instagram for further editing or immediate posting.


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