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5 SEO strategies for a startup

  1. Giving Users What They Want

However trickier in comparison to traditional tactics, organic SEO yields great results. After all, no one can deny that this approach is the cleanest, most natural way to go; when properly executed, it delivers the same rankings as its counterpart, with the addition of pure content consumer delight. It may be more time-consuming, but it’s actually not so hard – if search engines now understand user intent with utmost clarity, the best SEO companies can use the same data to find relevant content topics and stack them with keywords in an unobtrusive, natural way. Before deciding which phrases to boost, take some time to research their relevance first.

  1. Returning to Local Pages

Local search is a logical side effect of increased mobile uses, and your SEO strategy cannot afford not to tap into this bottomless pool of opportunities as well. Local results are the primary intent of roughly a half of all mobile searches, and the only thing you should do in order to subscribe to a list of those who profit from this tactic is to become a part of a suitable Google local page. Content-wise, you can try adjusting your keywords in a way that will make them more local-specific, as long as it doesn’t appear unnatural.

  1. Write tons of amazing content

If there’s only one strategy you use after reading this post, this should be it. If you’re regularly adding truly amazing content to your site, it’s possible to rank even without doing anything else. It’s well known that the more content you produce, the higher your rankings (to a point). As long as that content is of good quality, the more words and phrases you can potentially rank for.

  1. Go beyond the keyword list.

As search gets more sophisticated, it’s more important to think of user intent than it is to just try to rank for keywords. What are customers looking for when they arrive at your site? What sorts of behaviors do you want prospects to engage in? Begin making a concept map and create your keyword list and content around that. Search Engine Optimization Services in Kolkata often look for furthered keywords to expand their reach.

  1. Title Tag

Most important thing for a website. Title Tag refers to the title of the page. Every single page will have its own title. So your Homepage will have one title which may be different from title of another page. Write your title in such a way so that it can include one or two of your main keywords you are trying to rank for. Don’t stuff keywords in your Title as it will give users a bad user experience. Instead write it in the most charismatic way possible (with your keywords on it) so that when a visitor sees your result in the Search Engine results page, he is compelled to click on your link.


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