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A Guide to Making Pinterest Pins Searchable

The first thing you need to do to optimize your pins for search is to ensure that you put keywords into your pin’s description. It’s important for localized businesses that they put their city in pin’s descriptions. Pinterest is all about visuals. If you’re pinning content, it’s very important that you use the right image size so it is easily seen. Your blog cover may be horizontal – as most blog covers are – but you also have to create another one and resize it for Pinterest. It has a great local reach to the social media marketing company in Kolkata as well.

Some websites actually include Pinterest friendly cover images in their blog posts so when readers want to pin the blog post on the spot, they can select the vertical cover image instead of the horizontal one. But if you don’t want to have a messy looking blog post, just create another cover image for Pinterest, and pin the article yourself. It will just take you a few seconds actually. Just make sure you pin it on the right board – meaning if your article or blog is about food, you wouldn’t want to pin it on a board related to clothes. It doesn’t make sense and you’ll lessen the chances of it being seen.

When naming the image file you’re going to pin, use keywords. Pinterest works like a search engine. It can read and detect the words you used on your images files, descriptions, and URLs. To shed a light more, go to the Pinterest home page. Think like a usual Pinterest user and type the words your target market would type in order to find your content. If you want your content to reach more audience on Pinterest, it’s only wise to pin your content on relevant group boards that are related to your content.

Go to PinGroupie to search for group boards I can join. Simply search and filter the boards you want to be part of.

There are 2 ways on asking permission to join the owner’s Pinterest group board.

  1. Follow The Instructions Given By The Owner.

The instruction on how to join is usually given in the board description area. Just read and follow it.

Pinterest board description area

  1. If The Owner Didn’t Give Specific Instructions, You Can Either:

Ask permission by commenting on a pin –

  • Go to his or her Pinterest page.
  • Comment on his or her last pin and ask if you can join his or her group board.
  • Here’s how I usually comment it: “Hi [NAME], can I join your group board: [URL of group board]? Thanks!”

Ask permission by sending a message –

  • Simply click the arrow button on the upper left side of his or her Pinterest page.
  • You can actually send a message even if you’re not following him or her.

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