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5 Twitter Trends To Follow In 2017

  1. Live Broadcasting

Twitter was one of the early adopters of live video, buying Periscope before the service had even launched. Other networks have since rolled out similar features (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all have live video now). Twitter has moved in a different direction, signing a deal to live stream 10 Thursday Night Football games worldwide for free.

This brings us to the first and perhaps most obvious of our Twitter trends: more live broadcasting. Live streaming sport is a new approach, but it makes sense when you read Dorsey positioning Twitter as the people’s news network. Millions of people ‘second screen’ with Twitter during sporting events, so bringing broadcast directly into the platform feels like an extension of this.

Twitter is a natural forum for discussions, and sport does tend to lead to a healthy debate. I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed more deals in the future. New users might be attracted to the platform for the free broadcast, but then engage in a live debate that demonstrates the value of using Twitter. More rich media content – video, interactive tools, gamification, etc. As audience tastes and expectations evolve, so will the types of content being created. This kind of campaigns is the most shareable, viral and measurable. Today, when your audience doesn’t remember what it means to be offline anymore and access to information about a product got quicker and easier, every point of brand interaction can become a point of transaction.

  1. Customer service

Customer service has been a natural fit for brands and Twitter. Even where brands have not embraced it, their customers largely have, forcing the brand to engage. The desire to complain in public has driven many people to Tweet a company rather than wait on hold to a call center. This niche may be under threat, however. With chat bots coming to Facebook and WhatsApp, Twitter needs to retain its reputation as the place for customer service. If the customer service representative can be replaced by an AI bot, and on the messaging platforms hundreds of millions of people already use on a daily basis, it could spell danger for Twitter.

Twitter has decided to bit more effort into shoring up its position. New customer support features will help users and brands. The accounts which provide help will be labeled as customer care accounts, will have opening hours to let customers know when they are most active and have an enlarged Direct Message button.

  1. Chat bots are changing our communication

Chat bots – this interactive agents that mimic a meaningful conversation without human intervention. In an age of artificial intelligence all around trying to give the car the mind of man. Chat bots Facebook – one of the manifestations of this revolution, which are rapidly gaining popularity and offer marketers another useful tool. Chat bots offer flexibility by automating tasks and assistance in gathering information. They have become an important element in improving the user experience and improve the efficiency of customer service.

In April 2016, Mark Zuckerberg said that third parties may use the messenger platform to create your own chat bots. Since then, their popularity worldwide has grown significantly. Basic functionality at the same time remains the same, which improves the interaction in real time. Customers always expect quick responses to their queries and comments. Chat bots can answer most of the questions customers without human intervention. Chotu – one of the leading technologies chat bot – a robot with an artificial intelligence-based Facebook messenger, which accelerates the collection of information through a messenger. He collects the data from the message, so there is no need to use multiple applications. Chotu can simultaneously perform a variety of tasks and offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This trend will help you to establish strong relationships with current and potential clients and save.

  1. Fading social content

Attracting the attention of users online – it’s a battle between large and small brands. Result? Too much information. Stand out is not easy, so many marketing tactics do not work. But Snapchat changed approach. He made content disappear. It has brought a sense of urgency. Members know that they have very little time to learn the content before it disappears. So there Snapchat Stories, which are only available for 24 hours.

Recently Instagram Snapchat Stories copied and presented its own platform Instagram Stories. Disappearing content become part of developing social networks. Try out this new trend and use it in their marketing campaigns.

  1. Integration of social networks

Any developing sphere begins with many small companies, and then eventually begins to center around a small group of major central players. And social networking is no exception. Facebook bought WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus Rift. Twitter acquired Periscope. And Microsoft recently bought LinkedIn for $ 27 billion.

With the rise of large corporations in the market of social networks will continue to change the rules. This means that small projects will be more difficult to break. Modern marketers need to understand that the situation is constantly changing, so I just need to monitor closely all developments. You can see the leading social media marketing company in Kolkata making the complete utilization of all the channels for the purpose of promotion and branding.


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