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How to Improve Your Facebook Ads Campaign for business?

Understanding the fundamentals of Facebook advertising can help you avoid common mistakes that cost time and money. Before you spend another penny on Facebook advertising, you need to have a plan of action. Otherwise, you’ll be flying blind with no clear idea of where you want to go. To see consistent results, identify where in your sales funnel you can leverage Facebook ads. Answer these four questions to help define your strategy:

  • What’s your objective for Facebook advertising? For example, do you want to generate new leads for your business, sales for your ecommerce store, or subscribers to your blog?
  • Do you have existing or consistent website traffic?
  • Do you have an email list? If so, are it active and how many people are on your list?
  • Can you create unique content about your business/industry?

Engage people on your email list. Delivering your message via your Facebook ads and email marketing is twice as effective. Customers will see your message in their inbox and when they browse Facebook. Retarget website visitors. If you install the Facebook pixel on your website, you can target people who have recently visited your site. A retargeting strategy can also be the second phase of a content-first strategy. Build a custom audience of people who have engaged with your video content or Facebook page, and then run direct-response campaigns to them, promoting your products or services.

On Facebook, the key to success is to narrow your target audience and attract people’s attention in a way that is genuine and related to your business. The more specific your marketing efforts are, the more likely you’ll engage your customers and prospects because your ads and content will be relevant to them. Social media optimization in Kolkata is no toughie when it comes to Facebook ad campaigns and any Social Media agency in Kolkata will teach you the basics and tactics of ad marketing which will be very useful for promoting the advertisements.

Monitor Frequency before Making Changes. Often businesses will create Facebook ad campaigns with beautiful imagery and landing pages, only to pull them down after a few days because of low conversions. This is understandable, because it’s scary when you put money into something and you’re not sure whether it’s working. The truth, though, is that you’ll rarely see success right away with a Facebook ad campaign.

It’s important to test a lot of ad variations. This means variations in audiences, imagery, ad copy, and more. When you do testing, be sure to give the campaign time for it to return real data about what’s working. Facebook is also generally very good at optimizing your ads for you as your audience starts to engage.



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