Why you should avoid unnecessary use of tools for SEO practices?

seo in kolkata

What are SEO tools and why are they important?

Before we jump straight into the main topic let’s brush up the facts up a little bit. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is used to rank the websites higher on search engine platforms. In order to achieve that ranking a number of methods are adopted. SEO tools are used for assistance.

Now you can get these tools for free or you can pay for them as well. Some of the notable SEO tools are Google Analytics, SEMrush, Google keyword planner etc.

To put it straight you cannot achieve the desired results without the help of SEO tools. In order to analyze the keywords, track the progress and see rankings you will need to use specific tools.

Not all are worth your time

If you are just starting off with SEO then the free tools are best suited for you. When you land up with the list of tools then you will realize that not all are worth investing time upon. There are some mandatory basics like that of Google search console. Moz tools are also very important to keep a track.

Don’t indulge in too many tools for the same purpose. For example if you are using keyword planner for keyword research then don’t use more than 2-3 tools for it. Fluctuating results will deviate your attention and make you unstable.

When will you know that enough is enough?

One must understand that inconsistent implementation of SEO strategies will bring nothing but failure. What happens is when you flood too much information into the tunnel it confuses itself with what to show and what not to show.

Know some key rules

There are certain key rules that you must know.

  • SEO requires patience. It takes 6-9 months to show stable results. So if you think that using too many tools will do you any good then you are mistaken.
  • You have competitors who are doing the same thing as yours. So make sure you choose a good SEO service for yourself. Our digital marketing company provides SEO services in Kolkata which will help you to achieve the best results.


It is not about the quantity but the quality

Just because you are using an excess of digital marketing tools doesn’t mean that your page will rank on the top automatically. It is always about the quality that matters the most. At DigitalWolf we will make sure that the quality of brand reaches the audience through our SEO in Kolkata.


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