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Best platforms for B2B business marketing

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A little about B2B marketing

Before we jump straight into the topic it is important to be clear about the basics. B2B is the abbreviation for business-to-business marketing where one business makes a deal with other business and they share their services. The intermediate factor is eliminated. Companies buy and sell services/products to other companies.

Promoting the products and their USP features make B2B marketing a success. It starts with the dynamic of consumer demand and the various services required bringing it to the market. The cycle is when the different platforms collaborate with each other to form collaboration. B2B buyers are more practical and rational. To know more, contact our internet marketing company in Kolkata and we will assist you throughout.


LinkedIn is by default the best and the most important tool for one company to attract B2B marketing. It is the most professional platform where companies recruit their talent from. LinkedIn was solely made for the purpose of making business collaborations.

Stay active on LinkedIn by posting regular blogs and status updates to keep your audience engaged. This is the place where you will find your maximum of your audience.


Do not underestimate the power of 140 characters and retweets. Many businesses over the past couple of years have secured a very good reputation and business name by branding strategies on Twitter. You can keep updates, share links. There are more than enough ways to keep your audience engaged.


Everyone has a Google plus account. I repeat everyone. It is easier to reach people from Google+ than anywhere else. It is easier to create circles, make hangouts posts and then share your content with them. Google+ has been a very successful venture over the past couple of years. If you share something on Google+ then everyone in your circle will receive that link.

The potential collaborations you will invite are many. You can make your business page on Google+ and that will be excellent for a B2B marketing scheme.


A lot of people don’t know this but slideshare has earned a very good reputation for B2B marketing work. It is very user-friendly and gives the audience a very great insight of your business. In addition to that you can take presentations from your businesses and showcase them here to give your clients a vision. Info graphics, webinars are added advantage of this platform.

A little more about it

These were some of the top platforms that there are for your growth in the B2B marketing. DigitalWolf is our online marketing company in Kolkata that will help your marketing and branding. Keep in mind that in the world of digital media if your business doesn’t make a good online presence then it has certainly no future.

Worry not. We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us to know more.


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