Difference between local SEO and Global SEO

seo in kolkata

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can mean anything from website development to improving page rankings on Google. By using keywords and on site marketing SEO tries to accelerate a page’s position. Now depending on your willingness to expand and growth reach a SEO agency will target the area. It can either be local, regional and even global. The budget and aim of your business is what matters the most. Go ahead and read this article to know more and by the end we will tell you how you can secure amazing SEO services in Kolkata.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is good for small businesses that are just starting off. Mostly service based businesses go for these kinds of SEO strategies. As the name suggests it focuses on making its impact within the local geographical territory. Localized SEO is appropriate for businesses seeking to sell their services or goods within a specific area and not go global with it.

Suppose your business is based in Kolkata then you will be looking for SEO services in Kolkata. Our digital marketing company provides assistance with SEO in Kolkata and helps you achieve the targeted audience you need.

What is Global SEO?

Global search engine optimization is required for businesses which aim to achieve a position in the global market. If your business can provide services internationally and ship their products worldwide then this is the right SEO for you.

It is obviously a huge leap from the local audience. But at the same time it has huge potential to grow and escalate sales.

Which one to choose?

Marketing is strictly personnel and you must always go for the one that will help you get the maximum benefit. If you want to keep it local and believe its growth on local platforms will be beneficial then suit yourself accordingly. On the other hand if you feel that making it a worldwide venture is the need of the hour then lighten your pockets a little on global SEO.

However do keep in mind that global SEO is way more difficult than local one because of the intense competition. The amount of keywords and phrases that you will have to compete is quite a toughie.

Why choose DigitalWolf? (SEO services in Kolkata)

DigitalWolf is a digital marketing agency which will help you with the best SEO in Kolkata. We will provide you with a complete professional experience. Whether your business needs local SEO or Global SEO; we are here.

Every business needs marketing to sustain and here we are giving you the best out of that with promising results. Go ahead and contact us for any query. We are more than happy to help you.


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