The story of Facebook vs. Instagram

Instagram is mainly a photo/video sharing service. While Facebook aims to provide a full-fledged social networking experience. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, and currently occupies one floor in one of the Facebook buildings in Menlo Park headquarters. Instagram vs. Facebook advertising? If you intend to launch a successful campaign using just one of […]

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5 Social Media Tips to protect your business from Burglars

Avoid employment disclosure. Advise employees to not post any information about their job on social media. Though you can’t stop people from posting their employer on their Facebook page, some employees will happily follow this instruction to keep their business information separate from social media. Explain how it could be used maliciously. Employees should be […]

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5 Free Tools To Optimize Your Video

YouTube Search Filters: Understand what Already Working is Whenever you are creating anything, searching to see what others have done before you should become part of your routine. I search YouTube several times in the video creation process. For example, when I am brainstorming topics, when I want to see how creators design their video […]

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